Special Projects

Absolut Eisen

For more than twenty years, ABSOLUT vodka's signature advertising campaign has collaborated with some of the world's best designers. In 1994, it was Mark Eisen's turn. Eisen custom-made a suede dress with a cut-out Absolut logo. The dress was part of a global collection that toured the world in 1998. The print ad campaign - with a new, understated Absolut logo - was in line with Eisen's minimalist aesthetic.

absolut vodka

General Motors Special Edition

Benefiting CONCEPT CURE, an organization fighting breast cancer, Mark Eisen was asked by General Motors to redesign a GM car. The customized Chevrolet Camaro Z 28 SS was re-labeled the Eisen Edition (EE). The car featured a first Coupe design for a Camaro, with a new body proportion and details, custom blue exterior and a full floor to roof leather-stitched interior. The car was sold to a Japanese Camaro enthusiast for $220,000.

general motors

Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson asked Mark Eisen to design a collection of men's and women's riding apparel to coordinate with the company's brand image. Specifically designed for the riding enthusiast, the program was successfully marketed for three years and sold by over 600 Harley Davidson dealerships worldwide.

harley davidson

Pete Townsend (The Who)

Mark Eisen created a collection for The Who's Pete Townsend for his world tour to be worn on stage during performances.

pete townsend

The White House

At the request of former President and First Lady, Bill and Hilary Clinton, Mark Eisen created holiday decorations for the White House, and contributed custom tree ornaments for display on the famous White House Christmas tree.

the white house

The Olympic Games

In conjunction with the Olympic Committee, Mark Eisen designed Grammy winner Faith Hill's costumes worn during for the closing ceremony performance of the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta.

olympic games

Sesame Street

To commemorate the thirtieth anniversary of Sesame Street and The Children's Television Workshop, Mark Eisen designed handbags inspired by the puppet characters of the popular children's show for a one time marketing event.

sesame street

The Rolling Stones

Mark Eisen created a collection for the Rolling Stones 1997 world tour. Twenty-five sets of clothing were made and worn globally on the stage and at press events.

the rolling stones

Love Heals

Mark Eisen contributed custom designs to the Love Heal's collection created by the Alison Gertz Foundation for AIDS Education in an effort to continue to bring AIDS awareness and prevention to teenagers throughout the country. The collection was modeled by Kristen Mcmenamy and Karen Mulder.

the love project

World Gym

Mark Eisen was commissioned to outfit the training staff of the World Gym, NYC. The collection featured techno-fabrics to meet the functional sporting needs of the athletes.

world gym

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer

"Fashion Targets Breast Cancer" is a yearly project in conjunction with the American fashion industry. Mark Eisen donated outfits to 7th on Sale, a one-night sales event to help the fight against breast cancer. He was involved with promoting the charity at events held in joint effort with New York Fashion Week and in major department stores all over the United States.


NYC Millenium Show

Organized by the City of New York, Mark Eisen was asked to design a dress that best represented his vision of the coming millennium. The dress appeared in the fashion runway show in the middle of New York's Times Square in September 1999 and was then auctioned off to benefit the Center for Children's Art Education.

NYC millenium show


For Music Fights AIDS, Mark Eisen was one of 10 designers commissioned to design a dress for the vintage collector's item Kenner "Blythe" doll for a benefit project in Spring 2000. The 1972 "Blythe" doll, outfitted by Eisen, was shown in the Bloomingdale's windows on Lexington Avenue and then auctioned off.


MNet Face Of Africa

Mark Eisen was the guest runway designer and judge for the continent-wide MNET FACE OF AFRICA modeling competition. His collection was showcased in Namibia and Eisen continued his involvement with the MNET project by being the patron of Africa Designs, a competition held regionally throughout Africa. Winners, sponsored by AngloGold, showed their collections at New York Fashion week in 2000.

MNet face of africa

American Achievement Awards

Presented to Mark Eisen in both 1994 and 1995 by late Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown for bringing the hallmark of excellence to American Fashion.

American achievement awards

Council of Fashion Designers of America

Mark Eisen was elected to the prestigious Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) in 1993 and remains an active and voting member today.